UI Programming

Simple main select

Simple main menu selection screen using Xbox controller input.

Facebook Code

Facebook login integration for logging on with your account.

Facebook Code2

Continued Facebook integration.

Level Select script

Level Select script using Xbox controller.

Options Menu

Options Menu includes main volume and SFX and BFX.

Blink Script

Script that turns a Game object on and off.

Scrolling camera for credits

Script used for credits scenes to scroll the text.

Main Menu

Main menu script using Xbox controller input.

Main Menu 2

Continued Main menu.



Game Engineering Portfolio

About Me

GamePlay Programming

pickup parent

Picking up objects using the HTC Vive Controllers. Using parenting.

pickup parent 2

Continued parent pick up.

pickup parent 3

Continued parent pickup script.

Parent fixed joint script

Pickup Script using the HTC Vive using the fixed joint component.

Parent fixed joint script 2

Continued fixed joint script.

Player Script

Player script with health,death,animations.

Player Script2

Continued player script.

Player Script3

Continued player script.

Player Script4

Continued player script.

Ball test1

Ball script to be kicked using HTC Vive.

Ball test 1-2

Continued Ball script using the HTC Vive.

Ball test 1-3

Continued Ball script using the HTC Vive.

I am Game Programmer. From the very beginning I have always been interested in what made technology work. I took apart many old computers in order to see what was inside. I am very passionate about Programming and have experience in Unity, C++, C#, a little in Unreal, Java and PHP. I am from Aurora, Colorado and have always been curious about how things work. I know that is why I am into Programming.

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